15/365 Chandleresque



Okay so what’s the story with this? Well I had several opportunities to make pictures today but I decided to “leave it till later” when I thought my best opportunity would come. So of course it turned out that wasn’t possible.

So it was getting late and I was wondering if I should fall back on Jasmine as I knew she was around. Then I thought I wanted to do something more with a hat as a hat all by itself has a great deal of character. That led to the raincoat I had acquired a few months ago as a prop but had never used. So then I grabbed the coat and hat stand and put them all together. Then I thought it needed something more so I put the gun in the picture. Then I just thought it would be amusing to add a flashgun. Maybe not but it’s there.

Then I wanted the light to be the light of something like a neon sign or that of the sun through blinds over a window. Didn’t have any blinds. So I made them from a cardboard box and some gaffer tape as you do.

Then I made 51 exposures adjusting the light for just the right placement of shadows and light on the scene.

Then into processing and I restricted the palette and made some other tweaks to get what I was thinking was a ’40s look. Not that I particularly know what a ’40s look would really be it is just what I conceived of as a ’40s look.

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