1/365 Cheddar

cheddar picture


I thought I’d start off with something different. I’ve never shot food before. It was a learning experience. Among other things next time I’ll know to make sure everything in the shot that isn’t part of the food doesn’t have a lot of distracting texture.

I started with what I thought would be simple. I love very strong and mature Cheddar cheese so this was a good excuse to go and buy some. This is a crumbly cheese rather than a creamy one and I wanted to show that.

I was in too much of a hurry with this. I washed the board before using it here but it wasn’t entirely dry and so the dampness shows up as darker than it would have if it were dry. But I don’t think it bad for a first attempt.

Here is a shot of the setup.


The camera was on the tripod. Behind the cheese is a mushroom softbox with a Vivitar 283 fired into it at full power triggered by a PT-04. The second light is a bareĀ  SB-24 at 1/4 power fired at the ceiling behind the camera to provide some fill on the front of the cheese without removing it’s shadow completely.

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