13/365 Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl

fruit bowl

For at least a week I’ve been avoiding this picture. I just hadn’t come up with an idea of how to light and compose it. Tonight I was not feeling like making a picture for today. The last few days I’ve made plenty but the rule is that I can’t use something previously done and just post a new image. No no. I have to shoot and process a new image each day.

So tonight I was playing around with light. Throwing different colours on the far wall and shooting some plastic flowers in front of it. It was supposed to end up as a sunrise type picture made entirely artificially. But it wasn’t very interesting as a subject. Then I saw the neglected bowl and decided to replace the flowers with it. I instantly had me a composition that showed the shape. I lit the back walll with a blue gel on an SB24. The bolw was lit from above and slightly to the left with a Vivitart 285 in a softbox with a small reflecting card to the right. Don’t recall the settings.

And there it was.

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